As a stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer survivor I wasn't able to play the "normal" sports growing up. Due to getting hit in my right kidney area would be too risky as the surgery to save my life claimed my left kidney and half of my liver. Instead of covering myself with bubble wrap the scar across my stomach turned into a reminder to get out and adventure! The adventure would consistently take me into the ocean following my dad to catch dinner. There in the ocean I found myself. 

Being able to leave gravity behind at the shoreline and fly above the ocean floor was surreal. I'm the middle of 3 boys so growing up competition was drilled into us; and in the ocean my competitive nature found me pushing to deeper depths and staying on the bottom longer trying to get bigger and harder fish to the dinner table. That competitive nature is what drives me to get better and to never stop trying to improve my under water hunting skills.  

My competitiveness and love for meeting new people has taken me around the world in different spearfishing competitions and just fun loose yourself spearfishing trips.  Thank you HECS for giving me the honor of being in the Elite Team and helping me pursue my dreams in the spearfishing world.