Check out the video below about the HECS Dive skin.

Many marine species can detect and react to faint electric signals. The HECS Stealth Dive Skin is designed to reduce the electric signal emitted by the human body. 

Get closer to marine life.

Enhance your dive experience.

Multi-environment camo design.

4-way stretch for optimum flexibility.

Contoured multi-panel design for superior fit and comfort.

Includes fullsuit, gloves, hood and socks.

Designed for divers, spearfishers, marine life researchers and photographers.

Can be worn on its own, over your wetsuit, or under a drysuit.

For best results wear the HECS Stealth Dive Skin fullsuit, with gloves, socks and hood for maximum coverage.

HECS StealthScreen is made of conductive carbon fibers, uniquely formed to reduce the faint electric signal emitted by humans.

US Patent Number 8203129.

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