HECS AQUATIC is the official online store for HECS revolutionary patented stealth dive apparel. 

HECS is world leading patented technology that helps divers, underwater photographers and researchers reduce their electric signal. 

How HECS works?

Galvani Limited, trading as HECS AQUATIC, is a New Zealand owned business and is an official distributor for HECS Aquatic apparel. 

HECS AQUATIC was created to help divers gain proximity to marine life in its natural state and to enhance the underwater experience.

Introducing the HECS Elite team.

HECS was born from a passion for nature and the outdoor life. Passionate outdoorsman, bowhunter and President of HECS LLC, Mike Slinkard has spent over 40 years observing the behaviour of animals in the wild.

Mike noticed how when we get close to animals, even if down wind, camouflaged and motionless, they seem to go on alert and begin to look around more and feed less. 

Insatiable researchers, Mike and his team set about uncovering the cause of this reaction. A number of published scientific papers about the way animals perceive their electrical environment and navigate using the earth’s electromagnetic field led them to conclude that they may also detect the faint electric signal given off by the human heart and major muscles. Mike then set about looking for ways to reduce the human electrical signal using a conductive screen or Faraday cage.

Developing new technology was something Mike was already known for as founder of premier bowstring manufacturer Winners Choice Bowstrings. For this new venture, Mike called on his long time friend and fellow bowhunter Scott Eastman to join as CEO. Scott at the time was vice president of Sims Vibration Laboratory and immediately saw the potential of the new technology.

To help develop the technology into a conductive material that could be easily worn they called upon New Zealand based fabric expert Warren Bird. Warren has a background in competitive windsurfing and sail making, and is also owner of the global textile and apparel supply company FOB Direct. Warren is VP Production and Development and helps ensure the fabric is functional as well as comfortable. 

Marketing expert Lachlan McPherson, an Australian now living in New Zealand was enlisted as VP of Global Branding to help communicate the benefits of HECS and it's revolutionary patented technology to divers, spearfishers, watermen, wildlife researchers and photographers as well as hunters. Lachlan is a keen surfer and freediver.

Together they have founded Galvani Limited, trading as Hecs Aquatic, on Auckland’s North Shore to help divers, spearfishes, underwater photographers and researchers get closer to marine animals. 




HECS awarded DEEPEX Most Innovative Product of the Year

HECS selected as official wetsuit for the USA Spearfishing team


HECS Spear Wetsuit launched at DEMA

HECS DiveSkin launched at DEMA


HECS wetsuits feature on Discovery Channel

HECS wetsuits feature on Australia's Channel 9 Today show


HECS LLC is granted a further 2 US patents


HECS LLC is granted 3 US patents

HECS wetsuit features on TV1 New Zealand current affairs show ‘Close Up’